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MVE: My Daily Plate

Created on Saturday, 20 June 2009

In my Mid point update post I mentioned that it was apparent to me that my body was working to maintain my current body composition by limiting my food intake, mainly through a decreased appetite. After recalculating my caloric requirement for weight maintenance, I had an 87% average over the past nine days. If I excluded the lowest calorie count from the 15th, (or even better had I eaten better that day), from the equation, my average was 90%.

Anyone trying to reduce body fat and/or increase muscle mass the right way: proper nutrition and exercise, needs to be aware of the importance of tracking your food. It may seem difficult, but it is very important to have an idea of how much you are eating, and how much you need to adjust that amount. I have been using MyPlate on the Livestrong web site. It has been helpful in many ways. From the start it calculates the number of calories you should be consuming based on your goals. It has a library of more than 653,200 foods and 1,500 activities, so not only can you keep track of EVERYTHING YOU EAT, you can also track the calories you burn. My favorite thing is the "What I Eat Often"  component. It stores the foods that you add to your plate regularly, so when it is time to update your plate you have a list of regular foods to select from. Oh, and the best thing about it, it's free.

My stats from Friday are:
2638 Calories ( 81%), 103 g Fat, 0 mg Cholesterol, 2946 mg Sodium, 422 g Carbohydrates, 199 g Sugars, 62 g Fiber, 73 g Protein

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