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Fitness Surrogates

Created on Tuesday, 01 April 2014 Written by Aaron Harris


 Ever wish you could partner up with someone fit that loves to workout and reap some of the benefits of their working out? Without you needing to do any exercise yourself!

I'm about to share with you some ground breaking research, stuff you could only dream about. That is until 2016 when it is scheduled to be available to the public.

I was fortunate enough to have research scientist Dr. Josephine Kester as a client years ago. Dr. Kester (Jo as she insists I call her) knows the importance of leading an active lifestyle but admits she'd rather be researching in a lab or relaxing using her laptop. She's dedicated most of her research finding ways around her aversion to exercise. Dr. Kester is in San Diego speaking at a conference this week and I got a chance to catch up with her yesterday. She shared some exciting information with me about her latest project. After hearing about it I asked if I could share it on my blog and she gave me the go ahead. So you get to hear about it here first, before USA Today, The Huffingtom Post, WSJ or ANY other news source!

Dr. Kester has been leading a team of researchers at the Advanced Physiology Research Institute Laboratory in Fitness SurrogatesSpringfield. She's developed a process that basically allows someone wanting the benefits of fitness to be able to directly receive those benefits from their fitness donor without having to do a single second of exercise.

Visualize it- two pods side by side connected by tubes and wires. Flashing lights, high technology equipment and world renowned scientists fill the room. Inside one pod, dressed in a sleek silver jumpsuit is your exercise surrogate. Inside the other is you, being intravenously supplied with a weekly dose of healthy fitness. Okay, I added all the flash and glitz, and the popular attire seen in most older sci-fi movies.

As Dr. Kester explained to me-

"Actually it's a set of two or three recliners, one for the donor and one the the donees. You can donate to one or two recipients at a time. So it would be like you having a personal training session with two people that have the same goals. Only instead of you having to put together an exercise program for them and making them workout you relax for about 15 minutes with a tiny needle in your arm and a sensor on one finger. You can watch a video, read, take a nap or chat with the donees during the transfer."

I asked what is the process for those on the receiving end. She told me they have a little thicker needle and a chest monitor and they also get to enjoy an ice cold amino acid solution. Grape, raspberry or lemon lime flavored.

She explained the process (Fibril Organelle Optimization) that "extracts messenger RNA from the donor which passes through our patented translation process and then intravenously into the donees."

The team has successfully proven their process with rats, Rhesus macaques, and chimpanzees. The first trial with 500 human subjects has been completed in Serbia, ending just last month. Dr. Kester told me "the results have been amazing!" She said the only noted side effect is accelerated growth of the fingernails and toenails. Other details she shared is that the donors and recipients must have the same blood type and the best results occur when the donor and donees have similar somatotypes. The team plans to set up Optimization Lounges in several cities in California, Washington, Minnesota, Chicago, Massachusetts and New York starting in early 2016. For more info on the project watch the following video.


# blackhuff 2014-04-12 19:25
This will sound great to many but for me who loves exercise and teaching people to also appreciate it, won't opt for this route. Although this will be cool for paralysed patients. Receiving the benefits from a donor.
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# Aaron 2014-04-14 10:25
I'm sure there would still be plenty of people that love to workout that would still want personal training.
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Mitch Mitchell
# Mitch Mitchell 2014-04-12 21:49
If only I could believe this I'd be quite happy indeed. I remember a story told in The Secret where a study was done on prime athletes where they were told to envision running a race, and the scans showed that their thought patterns were as if they were actually doing it.

I've been trying to do this forever and have failed; figures. lol
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# Aaron 2014-04-14 10:24
Hi Mitch,

If this were true plenty of people would be happy. Especially the scientist that would become ultra-wealthy for creating it!

Unfortunately thought patterns can have only so much physical effect, otherwise everyone would have a perfect body!
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# Krishan 2014-04-24 07:56
Procrastination has become a problem for just with regards to everyone. "It's too late—I'll just undertake it tomorrow", or "I'm certainly not ready, and I'll be used up of time", are just reasons we give ourselves to never do things. The problem is until this attitude can get with respect to achieving our fitness goalsand hold us when we want and should move forward.
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# Aaron 2014-04-26 16:25
Thanks for you comment Krishan
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Dr. J
# Dr. J 2014-05-11 06:57
I'm afraid that I'm one of those rats that would insist that the wheel be left in the cage!
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# Aaron 2014-05-11 23:23
Hi Dr. J,

I'm with you. Exercise is a part of who and what I am. I have no plans on giving it up as long as I'm alive.
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