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Freaky Friday: Site-Enhancement Oil- Too much of a Terrible thing

Created on Friday, 12 February 2010

The Man Whose Arms ExplodedA while back I came across a photo of Greg Valentino. It was like a gruesome car accident, you know you shouldn't look but for some reason your eyes are drawn to the... macabre? Well, in case you are unfamiliar with Mr. Valentino, he has the dubious title of the "Man with the Biggest Biceps" and had a documentary filmed about him titled 'The man whose arms exploded.' He admits he used anabolic steroids, and according to many sources online he is highly suspected of using 'site-enhancement oil' to create his freakishly over-sized arms, which he denies. Basically, site-enhancement oil is a substance containing medium chain triglycerides, a preservative, and local anesthetic that is injected directly into the muscle which basically stays in place, pumping up the volume of the muscle due to this oily fluid build up. It can't even be called a performance-enhancement because it is not increasing true muscle fiber mass or strength, just overall girth.

After hearing about this individual and reading more about Synthol(a common name for site-enhancement oil) it appears that are many others suffering from some sort of mental disorder that causes them to think this, whatever it is they are doing, is cool, impressive, attractive, or I don't know what. I've said before that even though I certainly don't condone the use of steroids, performance enhancing drugs, or even most weight loss supplements, I can at least understand why some individuals would consider using them. But site-enhancement oil? I guess if someone thinks that Robin Williams looked impressive in the role of Pop-eye maybe they should get their head checked out before worrying another minute about their body. What do you think?

 Popeye the Sailor









I would expect arms this big to be lifting at least 500 pounds!


Jim Hardin
+1 # Jim Hardin 2010-02-13 18:55
A little while ago I saw something on TV about this guy. Wow talk about scary biceps geez! What people will do to get big. Sure I would like to be bigger but not at that price. That stuff can really mess you up.
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# Aaron 2010-02-13 20:03
I honestly can't understand how somebody in their right mind would even want to be that big. I think it looks ridiculous, and now he's got this nasty scar on his arm after going through surgery to have an abscess removed. :-x
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Zahid Khan
# Zahid Khan 2010-02-15 08:26
Very nice and informative article, let me share my fitness experience with dear readers. I used to be very fit and athlete, but with the passage of time I became lazy and developed a habit of eating and sleeping along with no exercise. Which deposited around 25 - 30 Kilo of fat into my stomach, face, legs and all over my body? Everyday when I looked in the mirror I had thought today I will start exercising, which was clearly a false promising to myself, again with the passage of time I realized now enough is enough I have to do something to get rid of this fat. So I stepped on to the thread mill and started running 40 Minutes everyday at 9 Miles per hour. Right after finishing a marathon every day I then take the free weight and start building my shoulders and biceps, chest and etc. 3 Days continues exercise and 2 days rest which continued over the period of 3 months and I have now lost 22 Kilo of fat and I have started to look young and energetic once again. I recommend everyone who is facing the same symptoms of fatness try to get fit, it is really easy and not difficult at all. Thank you
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# Aaron 2010-02-15 18:54
Congratulations Zahid, I hope you continue making progress and stick with it.
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+1 # FatFighterTV 2010-02-18 20:51
OMG, that is so gross. His head is 1/3 of the size of one of his arms.
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Anne Moss
+1 # Anne Moss 2010-02-19 22:17
Eeeewwwwww :-x
That is so gross. It looks like a massive chain of tumors on the arms, yikes! I think people also have plastic surgery with implants to get a "big muscle" effect - probably a bit safer than what these guys are doing.
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# Aaron 2010-02-19 23:57
HaHa! I just have to wonder if guys that take it to that level believe that women find it attractive. I have yet to hear any female say that it is. I don't know if the documentary on Greg Valentino aired in your country, but he almost lost his arm. :o
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# Adrienne 2010-02-20 20:32
Okay. That is NOT sexy. I think that some men do lift weights to look good for women but I secretly think some do to look good for other men. Correction, to impress other men.(Uh huh, yeah, IMPRESS is what I

The men at my gym huddle around each other and one guy lifts weights that are 3x to heavy for him, he'll lift it once, throw it down and his entourage is cheering him on.

They don't have biceps as big as the guy in the picture but their biceps are too big for their body. It only takes one compliment to convince someone like Greg that taking all those drugs are worth it. Filming him definitely doesn't help with his ego.
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# Aaron 2010-02-20 23:02
Hi Adrienne!
Honestly when someone is enhancing their physique in any form, whether through weight training, training enhanced with steroids, surgical implants or whatever, I think they want or enjoy the attention no matter which sex it comes from. But when bodybuilding is taken to the extreme as these guys are doing it is mostly for their ego and to either impress or one-up the next bigger guy.
Thanks for visiting and commenting :D
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# Flex 2010-09-09 17:13
Listen to all use's people maken comments about sumthing you don't have a clue about what makes use's people think use's could be a body builder or look like one that guy greg gives body building a bad name he is NOT a body builder just sum freak who used a huge amount of SEH site enhancement oil not steroids a body builder is about the FULL body perfect balance not just freaky looking arms that are just full of basicly bags of oil so don't comment and make a arse of yourselfs UNLESS use's have a clue about what use' are sayin cause by all your comments you don't all use's see is a guy with freaky arms and is judgen a book by it's cover which is not the case
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# Aaron 2010-09-09 21:00
Flex, have you seen the documentary? Greg Valentino did at one time have a respectable bodybuilder's physique. This was before he went over the top in regards to his quest for the biggest biceps.

I can't tell, are you a proponent of site enhancement oil?

Also, I can't find in any of the comments where anyone makes reference to the fact that they are could be or wanted to be a bodybuilder. Prior to your comment the only mention of bodybuilding was in my comment preceding yours.
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